2016 Pinot noir, Lucky-Dog Vineyard, Sonoma Coast

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2016 Pinot noir, Lucky-Dog Vineyard, Sonoma Coast


Grown on our leased vineyard, this pinot was 100% destemmed, fermented cool and aged in neutral barrels resulting in a wine that shucks the North-Coast standard. This wine is lively, light, and nods toward a Beaune style of Pinot.

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When wine enthusiasts describe terroir, the conversation always covers Pinot Noir. The notion of a wine expressing its place was born from Burgundy and that connection to place is what Shaunt and Diego strive to exhibit with their wines. For this reason their path led them to a wonderful Pinot Vineyard in Petaluma Gap, the Lucky Dog Vineyard. This unique vineyards expression is both elegant and enticing.

Varieties: Pinot Noir (100%)

Production: 24 cases

Vineyard: Lucky Dog Vineyard 

Lucky Dog vineyard is planted in Steinbeck loam. The Steinbeck series consists of deep, moderately well drained soils that formed in material weathered from soft sandstone. These sandy soils produce a lighter style of Pinot, something that we strive for. Unlike many other vineyards, the Lucky Dog Vineyard is isolated from other vineyards, which means there is greater biological diversity in the ecosystem. This has the effect of lowering grape-related disease pressures and decreases the need for farming inputs.

For the past three vintages Les Lunes has taken over the farming of the vineyard. We only use OMRI certified products in our vineyards, neither herbicides nor insecticides are used and all sprays are timed in relation to the moon. As we transition to dry farming, the vineyard is watered once or twice a year depending on vintage conditions. The cover crop and weeds are mowed and pulled and then left in the vineyard rows in order to increase organic material in the soils.

We hand harvested the Pinot with the help of friends and family. The grapes are destemmed and fermented on skins for two weeks No sulfur was added to the wine until it had completed both alcoholic and malolactic fermentations at which time there was a 25ppm sulfur addition. The Pinot was aged in one neutral Burgundy barrel. There were no further additions to the wine prior to its gentle bottling via gravity.